Evil, Mean and Nasty

Gas Capital Customs began as a side hobby with 2 friends in 2012.  We rented a nice sized shop, rounded up a bunch of tools, and offered customizing to anything with wheels on it,.. 4x4s, ATVs, Motorcycles, Hot Rods,. etc.


The name "Gas Capital Customs" comes from the town we live in.  Hugoton Kansas is called the Natural Gas Capital of the world, so naturally calling our little hobby Gas Capital would let everyone know exactly where we are located. 

Soon after the shop opened, the first real product emerged from the shop, the Mean Mug Bezel for Road Glide motorcycles.  The demand was overwhelming and it was quickly apparent that all other projects were no longer important when it came to producing motorcycle parts.  With a wait list as long as 6 months, the Mean Mug was in high demand and was an overnight success.

After a year, Neil left the shop but took the name and logo that he created (Gas Capital Customs) with him and returned to half of his 2 car garage at home.  Now with the focus only on creating parts for motorcycles, he can make them faster then ever and works hard to always keep inventory in stock so everything ships as soon as possible.  His wife and kids even get in and help with the shipping and packaging so its really a family business.  GCC has offered parts for Harley Davidson and Victory Motorcycles as well as Arctic Cat UTVs, Hot Wheels tracks, and the sister company Chainsaw Graphics Neil creates horror themed products.  The products we offer are always changing due to what our work load is and how well products sell.

In Early 2019 Neil and his family moved to central Oklahoma, and for the time being is keeping the business name the same, as its how everyone knows it.

Neil is trained and experienced in auto body repair, painting and finishing, airbrushing, pinstriping, metal finishing, and welding.  He has worked on and built everything from six figure show cars for the biggest names in the business for SEMA, to custom choppers, baggers, and even custom chainsaws.

While GCC is considered a full time business, Neil still has a full time job along with family and other obligations, however he is dedicated to continuing to his make custom parts as long as the demand is there.

Gas Capital Customs LLC