Chainsaw Graphics was founded in 2001 and began as an airbrush studio.  Neil Olivier has always had a love of horror movies,. hence the name Chainsaw Graphics.  It is also his nickname in many circles through the years.  

Airbrushing quickly turned into building custom motorcycles, cars, trucks and ATVs.  in 2008 Neil began hand pinstriping as an addition to the airbrushing.

2009 brought in a new era for Chainsaw Graphics.  Neil spent years researching the "Excalibur' Chainsaw from the film Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre III in hopes of building his own one day.  Once the first was complete, many more fans of the film wanted one as well.  Chainsaw Graphics would quickly be known as creating the one and only replica Excalibur Chainsaw, with attention to every detail of the original with information provided by the films original creators of the screen used saws.  

2015 Chainsaw Graphics expanded into other horror merchandise, and focused on making mask stands, displays, and other horror/sci fi related products.

In late 2019, Gas Capital Customs - the business name Chainsaw Graphics is under, turned into an almost full time job in itself and Neil had to choose one or the other.  The motorcycle parts at the time were selling faster then he could create them, so Chainsaw Graphics was put on hold until 2021.

2021, the Return of the Saw.  

Chainsaw Graphics is now back, and slowly working to offer our most popular products from the past and create new and original designs as well.  We also partnered with as an official Sponsor, a Haunted House review website to create and offer one of a kind merch, props, and much more for the haunt industry.  We are excited for what the future holds, as the haunt industry and Chainsaw Graphics makes a perfect pairing.  Soon you will see our masks, props, and merch in and at Haunted attractions all over the United States. 

Neil is trained and experienced in auto body repair, painting and finishing, airbrushing, pinstriping, metal finishing, and welding.  He has worked on and built everything from six figure show cars for the biggest names in the business for SEMA, to custom choppers, baggers, and even custom chainsaws.

Chainsaw Graphics is the sister company to

Gas Capital Customs LLC