We can only take orders over the website as it is the easiest and most secure way to order our parts and the method that we prefer because there is less chance of something like an address being wrong.  We also sell on Etsy, so search for Chainsaw Graphics on there. 

During the checkout on this site, you can choose either Pay with Credit Card, Pay by PayPal, Applepay or by Phone.  If you would prefer to send money through the mail, choose pay by phone and contact us to get the correct information on where and what to send. 

Orders are usually processed the within a week and in the order they are placed.  All of our products are made to order unless specified. We are not Amazon, and do not, cannot ship the same or following day, almost all products are made to order.  Apparel is not stocked in house, and orders are shipped directly from our printer to you.  They typically ship within 5-7 business days from when the order is placed.  


We now ship with FedEx and USPS.  Once the shipment has left our hands we cannot change how fast the package is delivered and we are not responsible for delays in delivery.  Customs fees and taxes are the buyers responsibility, as we do not charge them or determine how much they will be.  We charge a flat $39.50 because on average that is the cost to ship anywhere in the world.  If the cost is a lot less we refund the difference.   Free shipping on some products is eligible only in the United States.  

We reserve the right to choose what countries our product ship to.  If your country is not showing up as an option feel free to contact us.  **We do NOT ship to China or any address associated with a Chinese Address**  

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of your questions about a specific part can be found on that parts individual order page.  Please refer to them, or the instructional videos to see if any of your questions have already been answered. 

Can my plastic part be painted?

Yes, all of our parts are paintable.  We suggest first using an epoxy primer in very light coats, 3-4 coats to ensure full coverage before applying a primer coat.  Primer coats should also be sprayed in very light coats as well.  Heavy coats or piling on primer or paint are not advised and could cause degassing of the plastic due to chemicals in paint.  We also suggest to NOT force dry the parts with heat, use paint that will naturally dry and are not required to be cured with high heat.  Again, the plastic could still degas causing bubbles or de-lamination of paint layers. 

Can you ship anywhere in the world?

Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world.  Be sure to check your countries status on receiving packages from the US as some countries are still not accepting them due to the Chinese virus. 

Can I exchange my part for the same part you just announced you made a change on?

Every part I make I am constantly tweaking, modifying, and improving.  There are always revisions, sometimes only after a few parts have been made I will redesign and remake a mold to improve something that I see needs to be changed.  Because of this reason, and always evolving and always changing I cannot offer exchanges.  Most of the time the change is so small and makes no difference other then giving me a piece of mind about the part I am putting out.  Other times the changes are a little more drastic and even the dimensions may differ, but over all it is the same part and there is no need really to want to exchange it for a new one. 

Will you be at Sturgis, Daytona, "rally name here"?

Since Gas Capital Customs is primarily a 1 man operation, and not even a full time job, we cannot travel to rallies and have a booth at shows.  Our family would love to do that, but the costs and fees associated with shows it just is not an option for us.  We are always open to the option if the timing is right and the opportunity exists, however we do not schedule in rallys to attend throughout the year.

I am passing through town, can I come to the shop to buy a part?

We have no shop, we have no storefront, we have no door with an open sign.  Everything we make is made in a small garage in a residential neighborhood.  While there is no real shop to come tour, or store to visit I would be happy to sell you a part in person if you happen to be traveling through our little town.  I have even delivered parts directly to customers in my area, and installed the parts directly on their bikes for them.  

Are these parts truly Made in America?

YES, 100% of our parts are made in the USA, right here in my garage in Kansas.  From the actual plastic on our plastic parts, to the steel or aluminum used on metal parts, everything is 100% american made.  Even our boxes we ship the parts in, down to the bubble wrap is all American Made.  On Arctic Cat parts, the 3D printer, the filament, and the shipping envelopes are all made in the USA.

Why are your Bezels so much more expensive then "name here"?

See the question above this one.  Every part I offer, I make with my hands.  I do not farm the work out to China to be performed by a machine or robot on an assembly line.  My bezels are not stamped out by the thousands, each one of them is created with care, time, and attention to details by hand.  If your comparing my part to another one that's half the price, believe me, its not Made in America and its not something you want on your bike.  Our parts are more often then not cheaper then other American made parts we consider competition.  If the part is cheaper then ours, its garbage, not competition. 

Do you offer discounts?

Unfortunately we can no longer offer discounts.  We have dropped our prices to the lowest possible due to volatile market conditions on all materials.

I have an issue with my part, what can be done?

Its very rare that a customer has an issue with one of our parts, but it does happen that I may of overlooked something before it went into the box.  If you have a problem for any reason at all please contact us any way you choose from our Contact Us page on the website.  All of our parts carry a 14 day money back guarantee if your unhappy for any reason.  You will also want to read our Terms and Conditions page to see what is eligible for a full refund or partial.  We strive to make the customer happy, and we are willing to work to fix the problem and ask that you give us a chance at doing so.  If you return an item, you are responsible for the return shipping.

I have heard that your parts are rare, and there is a wait list.

Back when I first started making the Mean Mug Bezels there was a wait list.  This is no longer the case.  Yes my parts are rare in the sense that I only make a limited number.  There is no shop filled with workers punching these parts out by the thousands everyday, no warehouse full of inventory ready to go to big named bike parts companies like J&P Cycles or Drag Specialties.  I make my parts as fast as the demand is, and most take a few days to complete.  For the past 4 years I have been able to keep up with demand and plan to continue that way.  Since we don't sell to major part companies most of our parts only total in the hundreds before I retire it.   

My tracking numbers says the item was delivered, but I don't have it!

  If by chance your package isnt found,.. please contact me and I will contact FedEx in your behalf to find the package for you. 

I haven't gotten a confirmation of my order or tracking information!

Our Shipping days are usually Mondays.  We occasionally will ship on other days as well, but due to workload and demand, sometimes your order may take up to 5-7 days to build before it can ship.  Keep in mind, I am not Amazon, and most times I am working around the clock to just keep up with demand and usually don't have a lot of inventory sitting on the shelf ready to ship.   

If you are still not seeing any kind of tracking information, chances are your spam folder grabbed the email.  Please check the spam folder, promotion folder, and any other type of folder that the email may of went to instead.   

The Finish on my Mean Mug is pealing off!!

This is why we suggest you DO NOT pressure wash the bezel.  Goo and Grime from bugs and the road will break down the finish we spray on the bezels. Applying high pressure with water from a pressure washer will then blast the paint off.  If you want to be able to pressure wash your bezel,.. we recommend the Raw unpainted version and have your local paint shop paint it for you and clear coat it.  Care for your bezel should be hand wash only with mild dish soap.

As of October 2021 we no longer offer our bezels with any finish on them.. they all come as raw plastic that we reccomend you paint yourself.