Evil, Mean and Nasty
  • Flawed Chrome 2015 and up Mean Mug

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    For the chrome lovers!!  All new Chrome Mean Mug Bezel for your 2015 and up Road Glide.  

    We have a handful of these, and I am sorry to say that they are all flawed and I cannot sell at full price of $150.  They all have some form of defect visible close up, but from 3 feet away on the bike is not noticeable.  These flaws range from pits, tarnishing, and hair line cracks, see the pictures where the arrows are pointing out these imperfections.

    Again, THESE ARE NOT PERFECT!!!  These were sent as a small test batch to Custom Chrome Plating for a triple dipped show finish, but after being in the chrome shop for almost 2 months they could not get them to come out perfect which is why I am selling at a huge discount.

    Since these already have imperfections, I cannot guarantee the finish will last, or that the chrome won't peel off or get worse over time.  It is not thin cheap flash chrome like some aftermarket companies do,. this is triple dipped high quality chrome, it just didn't work out on our plastic unfortunately like we had hoped. By purchasing, you are agreeing that the chrome bezel you are buying has no warranty and you are not eligible for our 14 day money back guarantee, these are sold as is and not able to be returned.