Evil, Mean and Nasty
  • Halloween III Limited Edition Lighted Display Stand


    This is a Pre Order - I am shipping as they are made, however yours may be delayed 2-3 weeks depending on volume of orders

    Chainsaw Graphics designed these lighted mask stands from the ground up,. and I make each one individually to order.  Our stands will hold up both latex masks, and resin busts with no problem.   

    The base is 3D printed from high quality filament with the Chainsaw Graphics name on the bottom, as well as brass nutserts inserted in each post holding the lid down for years of removing and installed the screws if need be (only reason you would need to is if you swap out a plate or need to replace the LED bulb)

    The top lid is laser cut, then painted.   

    An acrylic tube attaches to the base, and has our No Foam stand on top that does not require a foam head.  The tube is 14-15" from the base to the top, so it should be enough to fit any Myers mask out there. Also included is the top black acrylic and 3D printed piece designed to hold up your latex mask without the need for any additional pieces or foam head. 

    Included is a bright LED bulb that is interchangeable, and an easy on/off switch on the cord.  These plug into any standard North American outlet.  No mask is included.