Evil, Mean and Nasty
  • Hot Wheels End Stop Bumpers

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    This item is out of stock
    The solution to cars escaping off the track and across the room.  These End Stop bumpers were designed to go on the end of race track builder sets, and will not come loose after hours of racing down your track.  They are made out of strong PLA plastic on the base, and have a flexible cushion attached to absorb the impact of Hot Wheels cars and trucks, as well as 1/64 scale Monster Jam trucks.  
    We revised the bumpers, and now they have less bounce-back at the finish.
    Sold each, which is actually 2 lanes - See main picture with the base in orange.  No track, finish line, or anything else included.  These work great in conjunction with our modular finish line!  We now offer them in grey, which complement the 6 lane track very well!